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Student Success Story: Robert Flood

Ready for another Student Success Story? Here at Horkey HandBook we love sharing our students’ journeys…


Because we know how inspiring and motivating it is to read about real people – just like you – who are putting learning into action and making things happen in their lives.

Every story in the series is a little bit different from the others. That’s because they’re real journeys, and everyone is on a different path!

Every now and then, we get questions along the lines of “But I don’t want to give up my full-time job. Can I still freelance?” The answer is: absolutely! Today’s success story, Rob Flood, is living proof that it’s possible to freelance on your lunch break and still make money.

Here’s Rob!

Name: Rob Flood
Website: robertfloodfreelancing.com
Course enrollment date: October 2017 (writing course), early 2017 (VA course).
Business launch date: 2015
Hired by first client: January 2015
Hours worked per week: about 10-15
Average monthly income: about $300 in 2017 (in addition to a full-time job). Projected to rise in 2018.
Top three niches: Content creation in the alternative health niche, B2B and B2C. I also offer research services and other VA services.

Hi, Rob. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

First of all, thank you to Gina for letting me share my story! She has been an amazing mentor and support.

I am a self-published author, therefore starting in the writing area was a logical step for me. I put my website up in 2015 and started marketing myself a bit. I have a few specialties, but as of late, my biggest passion has been and probably always will be writing. I love putting my thoughts down and creating great content for my clients!

What about your business?

I started my business because I wanted to earn some more money doing what I love! I approached my first client in 2015 and never looked back. I’ve had setbacks and dry spells (basically of my own making) and made some MAJOR mistakes but I’ve grown and learned from them all!

How did you decide to start working online?

I actually have a great friend who does it and mentioned it may be great for me because was already a published author. I started to look up some groups on Facebook and was hired by my first client pretty quickly.

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How long did it take you to earn your course investment back?

I would say a month or two, it could have been less. I have taken both the 30 Days to Freelance Writing Success Course and the 30 Days to VA Success courses.

What was your biggest fear before you started your business?

I was afraid of failure. And as most of the success stories in this series, I was afraid of not being good enough. It turns out that those fears were unfounded.

What was the most challenging part about getting started?

Finding clients was definitely a challenge. I’m also working full time in an office, so figuring out how to balance my 9-to-5 job with my freelancing side gigs has also been a challenge.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I started really reaching out to potential clients in Facebook groups in 2017 after almost a year out of the game. It has been a game changer! All my clients have come from Facebook and it’s awesome!

I usually work on my one-hour lunch break at the office, and leave some freelancing tasks for when I get home from work. The key is to make sure I have time and don’t overload myself. I have to admit, I overloaded myself early on and sometimes still do. It’s a flaw I’m working to get rid of. #truthbomb

What has been your biggest success since you’ve started?

Getting hired by my current client, Cowboy Marketing! This client loves my work and has asked me to take on more by the end of the year. They specialize in the B2B market and it’s amazing! I’m learning some new stuff about SEO and how the B2B blogging market works. It’s been fun and I’m getting paid to learn!

What are you looking forward to most over the next 12 months?

Taking on that huge opportunity of running my current client’s business behind the scenes. I am stoked to see if that happens! I am also looking forward to finishing a transcription course by the end of the year and working on expanding my business and knowledge.

I am not sure what form that will take but that’s the best part of this crazy fun journey, right?

Rob Flood is the founder of Robert Flood Freelancing. He specializes in writing blog/informational posts with a focus in alternative medicines, particularly essential oils and energy work such as Reiki. Rob also has experience writing in the B2B niche market. He’s expanded his business to include virtual assisting, including Pinterest pin creation. To learn more, head on over to his Work with Me page.

Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey


Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama from Minnesota. Additionally, she’s the founder of Horkey HandBook and loves helping others find or become a kickass virtual assistant. Gina’s background includes making a living as a professional writer, an online business marketing consultant and a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

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