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Stephanie Hayes


Stephanie is the owner of Fully Booked VA and is the Head Coach for the FBVA Community & Coaching’s members. She has been building successful businesses and helping others do the same as a high-level business coach and consultant for over 20 years. 


Her passion for entrepreneurs runs deep.


Stephanie believes strongly that this is the way of the future, and that being independent leaves more room for creativity, innovation, and happiness. She is committed to showing those who are struggling that there is a way to their success and that they can do it.

Laura Nicholls


Laura has been with FBVA since 2018. Her background is in mental health, and she’s a formerly licensed therapist. Laura is an alum of The Fully Booked VA Program and started her business journey as a freelance writer in 2017.


Laura is the co-creator of Fully Booked VA’s Social Media for Virtual Assistants. She’s served clients as a Virtual Assistant with a focus on content creation and now specializes as a copywriter and email marketer. 


Laura lives in Northern California as a full-time single mom and is working on her dream of opening a rescue horse and therapy program.

Marisa Raymond


Marisa is a parenting coach, yoga teacher, board-certified genetic counselor and Fully Booked VA’s Community Manager. 


As a life and business coach, Marisa has worked with many entrepreneurs helping them build their online businesses. In her role as a coach, she helps clients reconnect with their values, unique strengths, and gifts – so they create more joy, ease, and flow in their businesses and lives.


Marisa is excited about inspiring others to see their own strengths, journeying with them to be the best version of themselves, and helping them see their uniqueness and what makes them special.

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