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You never know where your next freelance gig will come from.

Recently I got the opportunity to copy edit a Kickstarter campaign for iceScreeen, which just so happens to go live today!

I think Kickstarter campaigns are such an awesome way to get viable product ideas to market for the average joe. Click the link to see my amazing writing skills this innovative new ice/snow removal product. They liked my copy editing skills so much, that they decided to have me write their press release.

This was a really fun project for me. It was the first press release that I’ve written, but nothing that Google couldn’t help me to figure out.

Here it is in case you’d find it helpful:


Contact: Dan M.

Cell Phone: 123-456-7891

Email: dan@icescreen.com

Twitter: @icescreens

FB: facebook.com/iceScreens

Get Rid of Your Ice Scraper Forever – iceScreen™ Makes Winter Driving Tolerable Again!

Two busy dads start brainstorming in their dining room and designed an easy and efficient alternative to using an ice scraper when parking outside during wintertime. Friends and family started requesting their own and the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield was born.

Raising $20,000 in 45 days to launch an ice prevention product in the US – that has only been available in the UK until now – isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Especially BEFORE the winter hits.

Andy Wright and Dan Miller are launching a Kickstarter campaign today to try and do just that. Their goal is to bring the Deluxe Edition of the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield to drivers across the US before the snow starts to fall and help you keep your windshield clear of ice, snow and frost.

The dangers of not keeping your windows clear in winter are being taken more and more seriously – in fact many states are passing laws to ensure you clear yours off before hitting the road.

The iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield is reinforced with a double waterproof coat to help keep your windshield free from ice, snow and frost through the worst of winter. Use the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield cover all year round – just flip your cover over for instant sun reflection.

Additionally there is a storage bag that stays attached to the iceScreen™ – never to be lost again. The Deluxe edition comes with a five year warranty – it’s very easy to install with magnetic pockets that clip onto the frame work of your windshield to ensure it stays in place.

Andy and Dan have thought of everything – they have also come up with Mirror Mittz™ – side mirror anti-ice covers to help keep all of your mirrors free of ice and frost.

Soon an iceScreen™ app will be available as well to send you a reminder when the weather drops below a certain temperature to put on your cover in preparation for the ice/snow.

By backing their product, you can get your very own iceScreen™ ice shield on time for Christmas! For most of us, that’s just the beginning of winter. Perfect timing to prepare yourself or give a gift of practicality to someone you love.

Get your iceScreen magnetic product before they run out to ensure you have the best winter ever!


If you’d like more information about the iceScreen™ Project, or to schedule an interview with Andy or Dan please email contact@icescreen.com or send us a Tweet @icescreens

As always, if you’ve enjoyed reading this post, consider hiring me to write for your blog.  Click here for more information.

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Gina Horkey


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