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7 Reasons Older Freelancers Are an Asset to Your Business

Today, Kelli Clevenger joins us to share why it’s never too late to ditch your 9-5 and start a new freelance writing career. After all, age is just a number, especially in the freelancing world. Thanks for joining us Kelli!

Did you know the average age of a freelancer is 32? That means that if you enter the labor market between 18 and 24, you would have about 8-14 years of experience. Does that statistic make you think you’re too old to freelance? If you’re nodding “yes,” then I have news to brighten your day.

It might change your mind and ignite your career.

I’ve been freelancing just over a year, and I’m no spring chicken; I’m 54. I had the same negative thoughts as you:

  • I’m too old.
  • I don’t have the right experience.
  • I’m not a computer guru.
  • No one will hire me.

I was shakin’ in my boots. But, I did it. I jumped in feet first.

And I’m glad I did. 

I had lots to learn and still do. After self-publishing my first eBook, I turned to article writing. I knew nothing. Zilch.

I took classes, read books and watched tutorials. I lapped up everything I could. I still do.

Does this sound like you too?

Then, keep reading, because older freelancers are an asset to any business. We have lots to offer and can produce effective, efficient work. If you’re still worried, then feast your eyes on these seven reasons we’re awesome.

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1. Experience

Experience equals knowledge and wisdom. Right?

The older you are, the more experience you have. Work experience, life experience. More hobbies and maybe even a bucket list. Children and grandchildren.

Whatever you’ve experienced in your life is fair game as a writer. Start a list. You’ll be surprised at how much experience you DO have. All of it can lead to more ideas, more visions, better descriptions and entertaining tales.

2. Contacts

As a freelancer, you’ll need contacts and lots of them. The older you are, the more contacts you’ll have.

Not only can you contact the folks you know, but those folks have contacts, too. Think network and build yours. The more resources you have, the better.

With social media, it’s easier than ever. Work on your foundation and build from there.

3. Free Time

If you’re older, you might be retired. Lucky you.

That free time can be used to build your new freelance career. You have more time to learn and more time to practice.

It also means more time for clients. That can boost your confidence and turn into opportunities. Just use your time wisely.

4. More Ideas

Every idea can be turned into an article, a book, an essay or even a poem. Pay attention to your surroundings, the news, magazines, your family and your friends.

Through exposure, ideas will mount; think about your past, slant ideas in unusual ways, then hit your keyboard and get to work. Ideas come from your past and your present surroundings. Don’t forget to keep a journal.

5. Desire to Learn

You might have a bucket list. You might be back in school. You might take online classes.

Whatever your path, older freelancers crave knowledge and enjoy learning. Anything gained can boost your career.

So head to the library, your local college or on a historical trip. Knowledge equals income. Never stop learning.

6. Dependability

In most cases, older folks are traditional. They believe in hard work, punctuality and making deadlines.

They enjoy communication and keeping in contact. That’s a huge plus for clients. Knowing you’ll make the deadline (or beat it) will often turn into repeat work. Yes, really!

7. Fewer Distractions

Most older freelancers will have fewer distractions. Children are grown and grandchildren might live in another city. Some are widows or widowers. Each person is different, but most have fewer distractions.

That’s a plus for freelancers. Your work is your focus.

There’s one more thing to add. 

Most clients will never know your age.

It’s not likely that you’ll meet face-to-face. Brush up on computer skills. Learn to write in conversational tones; update old-fashioned salutations and closings.

I bet no one will ever ask your age. Their main concern is good writing, good spelling and grammar, and dependability. Scout’s honor.

Trust me, age is just a number. And it might even make you a better freelancer.

What do YOU think? Is older better? Or do we all have something unique to bring to the table? Chime in in the comments!

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Kelli Clevenger is a freelance writer for hire from the North Carolina foothills. With a diverse background, Kelli specializes in florals and weddings, the pet industry, health, and fitness and nutrition. She has a degree in sociology that fuels her interest in social issues. She lives on a small farm with her husband, puppy, bossy cats, and senior horses. You’re likely to find her on her laptop, wearing a pink ball cap, and drinking lime seltzer water.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc

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Gina Horkey


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