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Income Report Roundup: How These Bloggers Make Money Online

From what you’ve told me, y’all love income reports as much as I do do!

So I thought it’d be fun to collect a few different ones in our space and showcase them in a monthly income report roundup post on the blog. Some I’ve been reading for a long time and others are new to me too. Either way, it’s a great group that I think we can learn a lot from.

And one thing I know is that last month’s was a big hit – so let’s dive in!

1. The Veteran Monetizer

We’ll start with Michelle again, because, well, what she’s doing is amazing.

Remember how Michelle said December, 2015 had been her best month yet? In January, 2016 she managed to surpass that, putting last month at her best month yet (for the time being anyway…).

Michelle made $44,782 in January, before expenses!

If there’s anything we can learn from Michelle, it’s that diversification is key. She makes her impressive income from multiple streams: she owns three websites, earns a lot of affiliate income and sometimes fits in freelance writing when she has time for it.

(PS: Michelle is hopefully going to join me for a Friday Freelancer’s Happy Hour Blab in March – be on the lookout and hear about her success live!)

2. The Interior Design Blogger

Abby Lawson owns Just a Girl and Her Blog, where she writes about interior decor and online business. In January, 2016 Abby made $34,662 in gross income. The main income sources for Abby seem to be a life planner, two e-books and a course. She also does affiliate marketing and sells printable designs on Etsy.

Cool, right?

Find out how these bloggers make money online. Creating diversified sources of income is the key3. The Food Blogging Couple

Trevor and Jennifer are writing about food.

And cooking food.

And sharing appetizing photos of food on their blog Show Me the Yummy. They also share income report timelines to show how their business has grown from $28 in November, 2014 to $7,585 in December, 2015.

And while you’re on their blog, make sure to check the mouthwatering recipes and A+ creative food styling.

4. The Simplicity Expert

Christina writes at Embracing Simple about decluttering, simplifying life, healthy habits and frugality.

She made $2,400 from blogging in January, without placing any sponsored posts in her online space. Christina managed to pull in the money while also taking care of her one year old daughter (not an easy feat!).

No childcare was paid for, folks! Most of the income that Christina made in January is from affiliate marketing.

5. The Frugal Millionaire

Sarah of The Frugal Millionaire blog works full-time outside of her blog, while also raising two daughters.

In January, 2016 Sarah made $846 freelancing on the side of her full-time job. What’s interesting about Sarah’s journey is that she went from blogging full-time to getting an online full-time job and blogging on the side.

Almost the opposite of what everyone else is doing. And Sarah is really someone to watch if you decide that this whole working for yourself is not for you, after all.

6. The Millennial PF Expert

Every week (yes, weekly), Nicole shares a breakdown of how many pieces she wrote (impressive numbers!) and how much money she earned her website.

We featured Nicole in our last income report roundup (and hope to have her on an upcoming Freelancer Spotlight). We’re revisiting her personal blog (as opposed to The Write Life’s) this month to report that Nicole made $1,086.93 in the first week of February.

Nicole writes personal finance pieces for the millennial demographic, in addition to publishing fiction with a backing from Patreon fans. She has recurring gigs for The Billfold, The Write Life and The Freelancer by Contently.

7. The Crafter

Kaitlin of Miss Bizi Bee (cute name, right?) is a crafter who sells mostly on Etsy.

I’m including Kaitlin in this roundup because she’s the perfect example that you don’t need to do affiliate marketing to make an income online. Kaitlin made $4,329 in revenue in December, before expenses, from selling on Etsy.

What’s even more impressive is that she pulled in this income despite having the shop closed for half a month during the holidays.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, many of our peers are making serious coin from blogging and online business. What I love especially, is that it’s not all the same way.

Each of those listed have found their own sweet spot for making money online. And collectively, I would say it’s not the easiest road to take.

But it is worth it. Especially, when you get to do it on your own terms.

So what do you think? Should we keep publishing a monthly income report roundup of income reports to show how others are carving their own unique online business path? And if you publish your own, feel free to link up in the comments!

Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey


Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama from Minnesota. Additionally, she’s the founder of Horkey HandBook and loves helping others find or become a kickass virtual assistant. Gina’s background includes making a living as a professional writer, an online business marketing consultant and a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

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