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You’re already working for yourself and have taken bold steps toward a better, more aligned career – congratulations!

(Seriously, your team over here at Fully Booked VA is sending you a virtual high five!)

You already know about the incredible opportunity to take your career and financial future into your own hands and work for yourself so you can:

  • Earn a full-time income on your terms (and then some, if that’s your goal)
  • Experience the autonomy that comes with doing work you want to do and spending your time exactly how you’d like 
  • Have the flexibility and freedom to work around your life, and not vice versa
  • Tap into unlimited potential for professional and financial growth

That all sounds amazing, but we also know that it can be tough out there in the world of self-employment and solopreneurship.

Depending on the nature of your self-employment, it often means navigating the world of business all on your own. Figuring things out by yourself. Trial and error…

And even though that’s the “name of the game” when it comes to being in business, it can be lonely – and difficult!

It’s also not uncommon to “get” the opportunity of self-employment and entrepreneurship, but struggle with pulling all the pieces together to build a strong, consistent business that will thrive and grow over time.

The struggle can be very real. we've been there.

Does it feel like a challenge sometimes? Maybe you:

  • Are struggling to bring consistent clients and income into your business and are familiar with the “feast or famine” aspect of self-employment
  • Have reached a place where you’re maxing out your available hours – but you’re not making the kind of money you want (or need) to be
  • Are ready to scale your business – but you’re not sure how, what options you have, or what your next steps are
  • Are tired of too much “trial and error” and are ready for some streamlined focus and guidance regarding your business and income

All of us here at Fully Booked VA are long-time service-based business owners and we understand the hills and valleys of self-employment… (But it’s so worth it, right?)No matter which category you may fall into based on the above, you are not alone.

What skills are you focusing on?

There are two sides to being in business for yourself (well many, actually, but for our purposes…):

#1. The skills you use to do the work you do – like social media management, copywriting, or systems management, for example.

#2. The business skills that enable you to consistently grow your business, market your services, and have a steady flow of clients and income.

If you're like a lot of other freelancers...

… you may have focused more heavily on your work skills than your business skills. It’s completely understandable, especially when we’re in the mindset of “those are the things I get paid for.”

That’s where Natalie was…

“I had worked as a freelancer for four years but didn’t have a solid foundation for my business. I had long-term clients, but no plan B to keep my business running in case anything happened and my clients and I parted ways. And, when exactly that happened, I had no idea what to do.

I was ready to build a steady business I could depend on. Within three months I was fully booked and making over $5,800 per month – and with a fire under me that I’d never felt before!

Now I feel like I know exactly what to do no matter what comes up in my business and where to go if I feel lost.  I truly feel like I’m running a business now, and not just a side hustle. This program and community really pushed me to go all-in, never give up, and always pointed me in the direction of success.”

~Natalie Matesic

Some things to consider as you continue to grow...

We’re big advocates of continually improving your marketable skills so you become more specialized in your services, in increased demand in the marketplace, and can command higher rates.

But that shouldn’t be your only focus.

If it is, you’ll find yourself in the “employee mindset” you were trying to escape in the first place when you became self-employed. Specifically, trading your time for money and becoming a slave to a business that isn’t aligned with what you hoped it would be.

A healthy business requires a healthy infrastructure. That means things like:

Clear goals and a (simple) plan for achieving them

Strategies for marketing your business in a way that’s realistic and sustainable

Systems for getting clients consistently

Standard operating procedures for the administrative aspects of your business so they’re as streamlined as possible and don’t take more time than they should

A process for evaluating your business, its alignment with your goals, and making necessary adjustments to ensure you’re achieving those

After all, you likely didn’t get into being your own boss just to continually struggle, become frustrated with a stagnant business, or not see it reach its full potential, right?

We’re not in this to just get through our days and “earn a paycheck.”

(Aka the traditional employment model!)

What it really boils down to is working on your business – and not just in your business (doing the work you do). Instead… 

Treat yourself as a client.

How much time and energy do you put into the work you do for others? Isn’t your business just as valuable and important?

Give it the same energy and care that you give your self-employment work because you, your goals, and your dreams are just as important.

Approach working on your business with the bigger picture in mind. Specifically, keep in mind that while the things you do to work on it may not result in that immediate time-for-dollars payoff, they will impact your financial bottom line and success in the long run.

Being self-employed and running your own business can be a wild ride…

But when you invest time and energy in your business-building skills the ride becomes much more enjoyable – and profitable!

One last thing.

Your brain is likely swimming with the possibilities right now… and possibly even telling you all of the reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

It’s okay, and totally normal – it’s your brain’s way of keeping you safe!

And while that instinct was crucial at one time to protect us from very real dangers (like being chased by saber-toothed tigers and dinosaurs), it just won’t serve you in this case. In fact, it will only keep you from taking risks and finding out what you’re truly capable of.

Making a decision to make a permanent change in your career and lifestyle is a big one – and we want it to be the right one for you.

If you’re ready for a systematic, step-by-step process for doing so, and all the support you need in navigating this next chapter of your life, we recommend enrolling in our flagship course, VA Foundations.

You already have skills you can create income with as a freelancer right now, and we’ll help you with the strategies and tactics for building a successful, scalable, consistent service-based business. 

After all…

Why not you? Why not now?

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