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Change lives by helping professionals discover a better way to work and live

Education, training and community for Virtual Assistants since 2014!

Since 2014, Fully Booked VA has helped over 11,000 members start, build, and scale online service-based businesses as Virtual Assistants and freelancers.

Is it important to you to…

  • Have a significant impact through what you share with your community and network?
  • Join with dynamic business partners who are interested in your growth and success?
  • Be a part of a larger community of driven, like-minded professionals and develop enriching relationships?
  • Have flexibility (and support) regarding how and when you promote to your audience?
  • Earn excellent commissions while having a real impact?

Fully Booked VA serves career changers at any stage, disillusioned employees, and those who are seeking a legitimate alternative to the traditional 9-5 paradigm. If your audience or network consists of those who are looking for a better way to work and live, we’d love to partner with you to help more people and change more lives.

Our Program

Our exclusive freelance training courses use a step-by-step, systematic approach to creating a rock-solid foundation for a service-based business and remove all the guesswork, confusion, and overwhelm – even for those with zero experience providing services remotely.

We give our students a clear path to specializing their services with our skill-specific courses so they can scale their businesses quickly and earn more income.

With a high-touch community, access to two business coaches, and weekly coaching sessions, members can fast-track their way to leaving behind unfulfilling careers and crafting a business and life by design.

Our members can cut down on their time and marketing efforts, land their first clients, and become fully booked with our high-quality leads – business owners coming to us specifically to hire our students.

We offer a clear path to continuing to grow and scale a successful service-based business with monthly live skills trainings for our members.

why join us?

Industry-leading partner support

Just as we’re driven by our connection with our members, we also hold our relationships with our dynamic affiliate partners in high regard.

It’s our goal to help you deliver valuable, life-changing content to your audience and make the process as simple and streamlined as possible, all while earning excellent commissions.

We’ll provide you with…

Competitive commissions

40% commission on both our pay-in-full and payment plan options (total customer spend)

Your Strategy!

The flexibility to run promotions to your audience as you see fit, and with all the support you need.

Hands-On Onboarding

A strategy session to help you optimize your promotion to your audience

Promotional Resources

An affiliate portal packed with high-quality content, promotional emails including coupon codes, video content, marketing trainings, and student testimonials

Partner Community

A community (housed in Circle) exclusively for our affiliates to access ongoing support, a flow of resources, and to make connections with other professionals

Monthly Updates

Monthly communication via email with updates and actionable tips and pointers for reaching your audience more effectively

Our Products

We sell our courses separately, however, we find that the optimal value for our students is through our primary bundle product, The Fully Booked VA Program, sold for $997 or six payments of $197.

The program consists of:


VA Foundations

Our flagship course for starting and building a freelance/ Virtual Assistant business, VA Foundations, sold individually for $497.

*Our bundle also includes the Jumpstart mini-course so students can land a first client quickly and earn while they’re working their way through the primary course material. This course is not currently sold separately.



Six skill-specific courses including Email Management for Virtual Assistants, Social Media for Virtual Assistants, Project Management for Virtual Assistants, Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Agency, and 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

These courses can also be sold individually for $147.


Community & Coaching Subscription

90 Days of access to the FBVA Community & Coaching including client leads, weekly group coaching, monthly live skills training, and an interactive community.

Members can maintain their subscription after 90 days for $30/month or $75 quarterly.

*90 days of access to our membership community comes with both our bundle product as well as our individual courses.

Podcast Production School (SOLD SEPERATELY)

We also offer (outside of our bundle program), our standalone course, Podcast Production School. This course is designed to teach students the hard skills they need to provide podcast production services, as well as the business-building and client-sourcing ones they need to create a thriving business from scratch.

 Podcast Production School is sold for $500.

About Fully Booked VA

Fully Booked VA is owned and operated by Stephanie Hayes. She’s been building successful businesses and helping others do the same as a high-level business coach and consultant for over 20 years.

Stephanie designed The Fully Booked VA Program under the brand’s previous ownership as its Operations Manager and Business Coach. She is intimately involved with the program’s members and is committed to the connections within our community.

Her passion for entrepreneurs runs deep.

Stephanie believes strongly that this is the way of the future, and that being independent leaves more room for creativity, innovation, and happiness. She is committed to showing those who are struggling that there is a way to their success and that they can do it.

Here at Fully Booked VA, we hold firmly to the truth that together we can accomplish so much more.

‘Why not you? Why not now?’ These were the powerful words that drew me to The Fully Booked VA Program. Before I joined FBVA, I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. I wanted to start my own business, and still have the flexibility to be available for my young kids. As I started looking at online opportunities, I stumbled upon FBVA.

From the get-go, the FBVA team was not only so supportive, but it was also clear to me that they were committed to my success. Through their compassion, encouragement, and knowledge, this highly skilled team helped me believe that I could indeed start my own successful business as a Virtual Assistant… a business that could be fulfilling and impactful. I got to see how I could help business owners pursue their dreams, even as I pursued mine. The team helped me through the hardest part – getting started. They also kept cheering me on and equipping me to keep going. Now I run my VA business and have had the privilege of working with incredible clients, assisting them with exciting projects that were once beyond my imagination.

FBVA helped me dream again, and taught me that I’m capable of accomplishing more than I ever imagined possible. When I reflect on my transformative journey, I’m forever grateful for the program and team that opened a world of possibilities for me. Enrolling in The Fully Booked VA Program was hands down one of the best decisions and investments I’ve ever made!”

– Essy Maguri

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