(Formerly “30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success”)
Get the support, coaching and step-by-step system you need to:

Go from “I have no idea how to make this work” to Fully Booked Virtual Assistant…

… and confidently book your first paying client (or three!) in the next 90 days or less! πŸ‘Š

even if…
Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.
And I’ll show you the way β€” one totally doable step at a time! πŸ’ͺ
You’re here because of “the voice”
(Nope, not that voice 🎀🎢)
I’m talking about the one that says: “I can have more.”

Sometimes it’s quiet.

“What if… there was another way I could earn an income… without the 9-to-5 drag?”

Sometimes it’s bolder.
“Maybe I *could* make a living by working online from home (or anywhere!)… and set my own hours…”

And every now and then…
πŸ’₯ It’s shouting at 100% volume with a fist-pumping, in-your-face attitude that’s impossible to ignore β†’
“Dude! I am DONE with living by someone else’s schedule. I need to make this Virtual Assistant thing work. Like, yesterday!”
You have the vision and a compelling dream:
To make your own rules, earn a flexible income and do work you’re proud of without letting it take over your life.
You’ve been looking for ways to make it happen for a while now…
And this means you might be stuck in:
πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ The Research Cycle of Doom 😱

‘Cuz while there’s almost nothing you can’t figure out between you + Google πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»…

This whole “make money as a virtual assistant” idea has got you majorly spinning your wheels:

πŸ€“ You’ve read all the blogs about how to become a VA (some of ’em twice!)…

⚠️ Downloaded so many free guides that your computer is almost running out of disk space…

πŸ‘€ Checked out a bunch of majorly inspiring success stories like these… πŸ‘‡


Debora walked away from her soul-sucking call center job after 8 months and now earns almost $9,000 per month – just from her VA business!


Former corporate recruiter Hailey landed her first VA job just 38 days after joining… and now averages $4,785 per month, working part-time hours!


Sarah launched her VA business during her daughter’s naptime… 3 months later she’s fully booked and has a waitlist of clients wanting to work with her! 😍

… But you just can’t seem to shake the doubt and second-guessing about whether this is really right (or possible!) for you.
If your head is feeling FULL right now… πŸ₯΄

Take a breath and slow it down.

This is your invitation to figure out the rest together inside a course I created for you called VA Foundations (more on that in just a sec…).

Because the path to becoming a VA doesn’t have to be overwhelming, complicated or scary β€” in fact, with the right support, it’s much simpler than you think:

“16 lessons in and I have TWO clients lined up! And one is a potentially awesome recurring gig. $500 in income in my second week of “official” freelancing. Not a bad start. Thanks, Gina!” – Ashley Trexler
“Within 60 days of implementing these VA growth strategies, I had a small handful of clients. After 4 months I was actually able to leave my 8-5 corporate job because I had a full roster of clients plus a waiting list!” ~Fran Ritchley
Hi! I’m Gina Horkey…

The creator of VA FoundationsΒ and Founder of Fully Booked VA.

For the last 10Β years, I’ve helped thousands of people (over 11k!) build thriving Virtual Assistant and freelance writing businesses β€”

The kind that give them total control over their income, their schedule and the confidence to get paid to support awesome business owners from all around the world.

It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself in a #situation just like yours:
Craving a change… and scared as hell!

After all, I had non-negotiable #responsibilities like a husband (Wade!) and two children (now three!) to support as the breadwinner of my family.

I was in a finance job that was *technically* working, but wasn’t right for me.

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, raising a family or in transition…
You’re here because you want to work in a way that allows you to β†’

Back in 2014, I knew I wanted these things too.

I wanted to try something new… but I was afraid of failing.

Could I really do this β€” work online, replace my full-time income and *enjoy* it too?

The only way I could find out was to give it a shot.

So I did.

I started my business in May 2014, securing my first freelance client (and paycheck) within a month and hustled to keep building it from there.

Within 6 months I was earning $4,000 per month on the side of my full-time job – with a baby and toddler in tow.
And within 8 months of looking into this online business thing, I hadΒ quit my jobΒ and left the 9-5 world behind. For good!
I’m not superhuman… but you better believe I was determined to make it work.

If I was a betting woman, I’d wager you are too.

With some dedication, the right guidance and a little bit of sweat, you absolutely can create real, sustainable income by working as a Virtual Assistant, just like these FBVA students did:

First VA Job: Within 6 weeks of actively prospecting for clients Location: Works remotely from Ontario (Canada) or wherever she happens to be traveling to! Return on Investment: Immediately after securing her first one-off project Average Monthly Income: Surpassed previous full-time job (and it’s continuing to grow!)

“Fully Booked VA was one of the main reasons I was able to leave my full-time job to become a full-time entrepreneur. The lessons are easy to follow with step-by-step exercises to implement along the way. I was able to see that I could earn an income online and had their support for any questions that came up. I completely recommend the program to anyone who realizes the opportunity to earn income online and wants the guidance to make it happen!”

Elizabeth Neumann

First VA Job: 38 days from joining Location: Works remotely from Normal, Illinois (USA) Return on Investment: Received first paycheck 49 days from enrollment Average Monthly Income: $4,785

“It’s official! Today – 365 days ago – I joined this VA program. Year 1 was figuring out if I could create value for others and get them to pay me for my work, all while working part-time hours. Turns out, I can. 6 Clients, $29k and several new friendships later – I’m really glad I made the choice to start this journey. Thanks for sharing your story and opening doors for others Gina! #youdabest”

Hailey Thomas

The market for Virtual Assistants is growing β€” and your skills are needed now more than ever:

This opportunity is available to you, too.
Fun Facts:

Why Virtual Assisting in 2022 and beyond is looking brighter than ever before…

And from Upwork’s Annual “Freelance Forward” report…
Those stats are impressive… but what we LOVE are real stories from our students who are seizing the opportunity and nailing it!

Debora went full-time with her VA business in just 8 months!

First VA Job: 2 months after joining
Location: Tampa, FL (moved 3 years ago to the US from Switzerland)
Average Monthly Income: $8,750

“I moved to the US to be with my now husband, and started a job in a call center that I absolutely hated. I felt like I was dying inside.

I’d tried a little bit of freelancing before, like dog walking or cleaning, because I really liked the idea of being able to create my own schedule. When I heard about becoming a VA, it sounded too good to be true. “Who hires a VA? What do they do? What if someone actually hires me?!” I didn’t have a degree and felt underqualified.

I was scared to invest money in Gina’s program. But a fire was lit within me. The thought of having my own business, managing my own time, being my own boss and creating something I was truly passionate about kept me going while working a 9-5 job I didn’t enjoy.

The day I went full-time with my VA business – just 8 months after finishing the course – was one of the happiest of my life. I love working with my clients from all over the US and in all kinds of different niches, giving them valuable time and energy back for doing what they love and want to do

You might not realize it, but you have a very specific skill set that someone needs. Gina helped me find mine, so I could create a life where I like to go to work every single day.”

Debora Cavett

Business owners around the world are waiting for
someone like you:
If you’re a helpful person who’s willing to learn, then virtual assisting just might be the perfect next step for you.

You set your work hours.

You decide how much you want to work, when and who with.

You get to create your own path toward doing meaningful work for real business owners… who want to pay you in exchange for your services!

If any of this resonates with you… I know you have a whoooooole lotta questions.
I know you have doubts.

I know you’re afraid of getting it wrong or screwing up.

Back when I was starting my own journey, I felt the same way.

(After all, change may be constant… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary!)

Before they enroll in VA Foundations, many of our students have totally valid thoughts like:

The fear is real 😱.

… But the stories you tell yourself about what’s possible don’t have to be.

Sometimes, they’re just the voice of your inner critic who wants to keep you safe (and unfortunately, stuck).

The real trick is in learning to tell the difference between a legitimate question that you can answer through the right blend of information, advice and learning as you go…

And what’s just regular-old mind trash β†’ πŸ—‘ that’s getting in the way of you taking action, getting support, and getting RESULTS.


“I used to be so skeptical… I did a TON of research before joining, but I am so glad I did! If you’re just starting out and have no clue what you’re doing, or if you already have a business but just need validation, guidance and a little push, this can seriously change your life!”


“If you need a clear guide and roadmap for how to succeed as a VA, Gina Horkey is your gal! The Fully Booked VA Program packs a big punch. You will leave feeling equipped to jump in and get started. So quit comparing VA coaches and jump on the Fully Booked VA train. You’ll be glad you did!”

Because you can do this.

… and I created Fully Booked VA to support you, every step of the way.


Get the confidence and step-by-step clarity you need to turn your existing skills and experience into a profitable virtual assisting business…

+ book your first paying client in the next 90 days or less!

(With a lifetime a guarantee!)


“Without this program, I wouldn’t have a business. I had no idea how to even start building it or where to find clients. The Fully Booked Program gave me the direction and tools I needed to get my business going. And before I even finished the VA Foundations course I had TWO clients!

VA Foundations simplifies all the overwhelming questions inside your head, like…

… and turns them into a step-by-step process for growing your VA business that just makes sense:





No more getting stuck, overwhelmed or chickening out when your confidence falls short. You’ve got this, and we’ll be here to guide you each step of the way – with all the support and resources you need.

Keep reading to see how it works and get started today!

Welcome to our premier course, VA Foundations!

Your complete roadmap to building a rock-solid foundation as a VA!

When you enroll, you’ll have instant (and lifetime!) access to our VA Foundations course.

It walks you step-by-step through the process of launching your VA business: from choosing your services, pricing them and getting people to actually pay you…

… all the way to managing clients, delivering an amazing experience and setting your business up for long-term success!

Everything you need is right here.

VA Foundations has helped thousands of aspiring VAs turn their dreams of becoming self-employed into reality. Now, it’s your turn.

In VA Foundations, you’ll learn how to…
(Click the + to learn more)


Learn how to set doable, inspiring business goals to keep you focused on the path to landing your first client (or 3!) and earning an income on your own terms.

Plus, we’ll show you how to select 5 options for services you can confidently start offering to clients, based on what you love, are already good at or are willing to learn (because you don’t have to be perfect to start getting paid).

Bonus Resource: Hourly Rate Calculator to set an initial price for your services that you feel good about β€” so you can start replacing your current salary or hit your first income goal FAST!


Learn the 7 ways you can source potential clients and a step-by-step process to connect with them… even if you worry that you don’t have a big network or you don’t know anyone who could hire you.

All the scripts and real-life examples you need to nail it are included! Plus, see actual exchanges I’ve had with potential clients, and templates you can use to pitch and talk to potential clients in a way that sells your services… without being awkward, pushy or weird.

Bonus Resource: The FBVA Pitching Challenge to get you into action and out of overthinking.


Know exactly what to do when someone is interested in working with you! Steal our approach for having interviews with prospective clients to determine if you’re a fit and how to follow-up (without the sweaty armpits).

We’ll also show you how to increase your hourly rate with new or existing clients, or even transition to “set” packages that allow you to better serve your clients and charge a higher rate.

Bonus Resource: Interview follow-up templates that increase your odds of getting a YES!


Show clients a professional level of service that blows them away right from the start. You’ll learn how to send a proposal, cover your bases with a contract and onboard clients effectively to set expectations and boundaries.

We’ll also show you how to set up your process for getting paid by clients consistently and on-time, and our favorite tools and methods to manage your projects and stay on top of your responsibilities with ease.

Bonus Resources: Client onboarding worksheets, proposal and contract templates.


Navigate client tango like a pro. Discover how to build amazing work relationships with clients that leave them feeling satisfied and eager to send you referrals.

Learn how to communicate with clients, deal with mistakes when they happen and set yourself up for success long term.

We’ll also share how to regularly evaluate your client relationships to make sure each project aligns with your goals… and ensures maximum enjoyment (and profit) of your work!

Bonus Resource: Client Exit Worksheet to help you breakup gracefully with a client who is no longer a fit.


It’s time to make your own business run smoothly (not just your client’s!). Learn how to build effective work processes that allow you to get more done in less time.

Avoid doubling up on work by planning your week in a way that makes sense, and build value for your clients by helping them develop Standard Operating Procedures that save time and confusion.

From task batching, to effective habits, time management tools and more, we’ll show you how to make sure your work doesn’t take over your life.

Bonus Resource: Develop a workflow that works with the Map Out Your Ideal Work Schedule Worksheet.


Now that you’re in motion, learn about the 5 core specializations you can choose as a VA and how to decide which one (or a mix!) is right for you.

When you specialize your services, you’re able to build a deeper skillset in an area that clients value β€” and one that you enjoy. Specialization allows you to reduce your workload, cut down on overwhelm and most importantly, raise your rates while becoming more “referable” to your ideal clients!

Bonus Resources: Exclusive, niche-specific interviews with FBVA students who are ROCKING their area of specialty… so you can too!


Learn how to build an online presence without being chained to social media or your laptop 24/7. We’ll show you a simple, effective process for growing the visibility of your business and “planting your flag” online.

We’ll show you how to use social media strategically to show clients you’re legit, craft a simple online resume and choose your initial brand name and colors… without getting overwhelmed or stuck on the details that don’t really matter.

Bonus Resources: Online resume template to quickly summarize your core skills and experience to potential clients (even if you’re worried you have none)!


Learn the legal side of setting up your biz so you’re 100% bona fide. If, like many of our students, you have your sights set on taking your VA business full time, we’ll show you how to craft a game plan to do exactly that.

We’ll explore how to give your own biz the same amount of love you give to your clients, how to take time off without stress and how to address things like healthcare benefits and retirement savings when you’re self-employed.

Learn how to ensure your business supports your long-term financial and lifestyle goals… and map out your plan to make it happen!

Bonus Resource: 90-day Marketing Planner to help you create a sustainable marketing rhythm that helps you stay top-of-mind for your perfect peeps!

VA Foundations gives you everything you need to start making real money in the next 90 days (or less!) β†’
Including 18+ ready-to-use templates, worksheets, scripts and guides… so you’ll never be unsure what to do next (or how to do it)!

And so much more! 🀩

And by the way…

When you join, you’ll have lifetime access to VA Foundations as well as some other goodies I’m about to share with you!

Your confidence and client roster!

With your Fully Booked VA Certification to show clients you’re legit β€” and exclusive access to our VA Leads job listings, updated daily with new business owners who want to hire YOU!

When you complete the VA Foundations course and finish your final exam, you’ll become Fully Booked VA Certified. Share your certification with the world to let everyone know that you’re 100% legitimate and open for business!


First VA Job: Within HOURS of enrolling at 5X her normal rate!
Location: Works remotely from Cebu City, Philippines
Return on Investment: Within 24 HOURS of joining
Average Monthly Income: $5,000+

“I wanted to THANK YOU for all of the quality leads you’ve made available to us via the VA Leads portion of FBVA.

I had a lot of hesitation joining the system initially – I already had VA experience and it cost more than a third of my income as a junior programmer, so I had to save up for a few months first. I was very close to getting my first contract signed upon enrolling, but this time I decided to work on my mindset and was able to successfully charge 5X more than I previously did – the course material on how to deal with client objections helped me to nail it!

More than that, I love what the community has evolved into. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already learned it all, but the office hours and expert interviews make me realize that I still have a loooong way to go – in a good way!”

Pam Baroro


First VA Job: 2 months after joining The Fully Booked VA Program
Location: Chugiak, Alaska
Return on Investment: Within 3 months of enrollment
Average Monthly Income: $3,200

“I landed my first client through the VA Leads program – and it was my first pitch ever! I started off as a producer/host for online trainings, and things just grew from there. I now average about 20-25 hours per week with this client at approximately $35 an hour.

The Fully Booked VA Program provides a ton of valuable tools for anyone serious about starting a VA business. The foundational course gave me the resources and confidence I needed to leave my corporate career of 22 years for a stress-free life of being my own boss!”

Noelle Dale

Like what you’re reading?

These raving FBVA client testimonials could be about YOU! πŸ‘‡

Happy Hires!

“I was REALLY happy with Fully Booked VA’s VA Finder Service, and have actually sent a couple of friends to test it out already as well. I got several qualified candidates and was excited to connect with someone who already had a good grasp of my niche and the tasks I had in mind.” – Nick Loper, Side Hustle Nation

Great Experience!

“I needed a VA to help with a product launch just 2 weeks away. I received multiple high-quality applications – and hired someone within a few days. The VA I worked with was amazing… she kept me sane during my launch, completed all tasks AHEAD of time and went above and beyond!” – Sally Miller, Business Coach


By building specialized skills to grow your expertise and income!

The more you work with clients, the more you’ll learn about the kind of work you love and where your natural strengths lie.

Inside VA Foundations, we’ll show you the different ways you can specialize your services so you can level up your business… and income!Β 

Choosing a specialization allows you to focus your offerings, simplify your business, and charge more for the work you truly excel at (and enjoy). We’ll show you what the possibilities are so you can choose the best direction for your business.Β 


First VA Job: Within 1 week of joining
Location: Brooklyn, NY (USA)
Average Monthly Income: $1,000+

“Pre-FBVA, I was working on a business that I was good at but it didn’t make me happy. I had to get real clear on what I wanted for my life. I needed to do something that didn’t feel like a chore and that I naturally aligned with. And I wanted something outside of my 9-5 to supplement my income, especially when my partner was laid off from his job.

So I took a chance on FBVA. I said to myself: I’ll try it for a month and see what happens. And in the very first week of taking the course, I had someone reach out to me for support. From there, referrals have come, and now I’ve worked with 6 clients in just 3 months since I started. I’ve leaned heavily on the templates and resources inside the program while working with clients.

I’ve tried running different businesses before but I feel that being a VA allows me to align my gifts with what I naturally love to do. Gina’s coaching inside FBVA showed me how to bring out my gifts to get my business off the ground while managing the rest of my life. I’ve got my niche nailed, I’m working on my pricing, and am building a speciality in project management.

FBVA walks you through it all step by step. You see that it’s OK to make mistakes. Gina doesn’t sugarcoat it and she keeps it real. And you have the community of people there to support you who are doing the same thing. In just 3 months I’ve hit my goal of $1,000 a month… and now I have my sights set on $10,000.”

Victoria Juste

Next Level Support…

“The Fully Booked VA Program was so helpful as I first dipped my toes into freelancing and it continues to be helpful six months in! I’ve been blown away by how great the Fully Booked VA team are about answering questions and guiding their students through the journey.” – Alyssa Hollingsworth

Your timing is impeccable…

VA Foundations is the most affordable, comprehensive (and proven!) program we’ve ever offered to build your Virtual Assistant business in the next 90 days.

We used to only offer our premier VA course as part of our full system, The Fully Booked VA Program forΒ  $1,000…

… but you can get started for just $497 today.*

*Or $197 with a monthly payment plan!

Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

Start your journey to becoming a
Fully Booked VA today

Get started today and you’ll gain access to:

Get Started Today!

VA Foundations
$ 497 One Time
  • LIFETIME Access to VA Foundations, including:
  • 12 Modules and 80+ lessons covering EVERY aspect of starting and building your VA business
  • Virtual Assistant CERTIFICATION (upon completion of VA Foundations)
  • 18+ TURNKEY TEMPLATES (our customizable scripts, workbooks and trackers will ensure you nail each stage of growing your VA biz)
Earning a sustainable, flexible income as a Virtual Assistant is closer than you think…

And with VA Foundations, it’s 100% risk-free.

On average, it takes just 1 client or project to recoup your entire investment in VA Foundations.

We provide ALL of the information you need to make it happen ASAP…Β 

And we stand behind the quality of VA Foundations with a LIFETIME money-back guarantee.

All YOU need to do is dig in and follow the step-by-step plan we’ve laid out for you…

We’re so confident that if you do the work, you’ll EASILY recoup your initial investment – if you don’t, we’ll give you a full refund!*

*For more details on our refund policy see the FAQ section.

You might be wondering…

What kind of people THRIVE in VA Foundations?

Our FBVA success stories include people from around the world, from ALL walks of life.

Here’s a taste of the types of people who are earning an income on their terms as Virtual Assistants inside Fully Booked VA β†’

Corporate employees and travel lovers who crave a more flexible, location-independent way of work that has the potential to replace their full-time income (or more!)

Mid or late-career professionals who are looking for a change of pace or to make a shift to partial retirement

Freedom-seeking entrepreneurs in the making who have dreams of building a sustainable business that provides fulfillment and stability, allowing them to work from anywhere

Empty-nesters who want to fill their free time with interesting projects they can complete from home

Stay-at-home parents & caregivers who want to earn an income and be present for what matters most

Students & employees who want to build a viable side hustle that keeps them sharp, pays down debt and allows them to save toward their goals

Military spouses who need consistent work they can complete at their own time and pace, no matter where they are

Lifelong learners who want to build new skills while they get paid to make a meaningful difference in their client's lives and businesses

Are YOU ready to join them?


First VA Job: A month-and-a-half from course enrollment
Location: Works remotely from Alaska (USA)
Return on Investment: Within her second month as a VA
Average monthly income: $1,000

“I’m freaking out right now – I wrote one case study on email management to a new client lead in my inbox. Gina, if you were next to me, I’d be squeezing your hand SO hard right now!”

Rachel Severns


First Client: Within 6 months of joining
Location: Works remotely from central Illinois (USA)
Return on Investment: Immediately after securing her first client.
Average Monthly Income: $3,000 (working just 10 hours per week)

“I’ve been a Fully Booked VA member since the beginning and have landed SEVEN clients from the leads that have been sent out (plus was referred to two more through them). I’ve been able to attribute $63,000 (half of my total income!) to these leads over the last few years! The money I’ve earned has WAYYYYY MORE than paid for my ongoing investment – it’s so worth it! I enjoy my work so much and truly appreciate the flexibility VA work allows me. I’m able to do laundry, drop off and pick my kids up from school and be a more present mom and partner.”

Carrie Serres


First VA Job: Within 30 days of joining
Location: Works remotely from Portland, Orengon (USA)
Return on Investment: Upon landing first client
Average Monthly Income: $4,200

“The FBVA community is great for beginners and those more advanced. Gina does a great job explaining what each client lead involves, and who would be a good fit for that specific lead, so you can gauge what tasks are involved and if you’re comfortable doing them/learning to do them. I can’t recommend it enough because pitching is hard and scary to do when you don’t have much experience under your belt. The good news? This course/community kind of does the hardest part for you. “

Brea Horton

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be embarrassed!

VA stands for Virtual Assistant and basically means that you’re helping someone out from afar. I.e. You have a service to offer, they are in need of your valuable skills and you make a deal to trade time (or task) for pay.

There are TONS of services that can fall under the VA or virtual assistant umbrella – services like writing, social media, email or blog management, graphic creation, accounting… the list goes on!

You bet! Most tasks aren’t time-sensitive, so you can do them on your schedule – around your current 9-5, your family, etc.

You might end up working with clients all over the world that are in completely different time zones. Our team is 100% remote and live globally, and it works great!

Sure! There are tons of students living outside the U.S. who have built successful VA businesses after joining our program. That’s the beauty of virtual work!

One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you want to work with English-speaking clients, you should have a strong handle on writing, reading and speaking English too.

No matter where you reside in the world, you can work with anyone – regardless of where they live!

It really depends on you, your schedule and your work ethic – VA Foundations is self-paced.

Some students have made their way through the course in as little as a weekend, while for others it takes them a few months.

So, it’s really up to you!

You sure can!

We get emails each and every week from students sharing their successes and how they just landed their first paying gig (or quit their 9-5!). It makes me smile every time!

But success doesn’t come without effort…

In addition to reading the material, you’ll need to complete the module Action Plans.

While it may seem scary at first, putting yourself out there and asking to be hired via pitching (the freelancing term for prospecting or applying for work) is what’s going to get you there – you’ve got this!

The short answer is… nope! You can certainly put any previous experience or training you have to work in your new VA business, but you definitely don’t need any kind of fancy degree or letters after your name.

In fact, when it comes to education, we provide you with what you need to become a successful VA. And, once you’ve completed our VA Foundations course and passed your final exam, you’ll become Fully Booked VA Certified.

Your certification is a powerful way to let folks know you’re a legitimate professional, that you’ve invested the time, energy and money into yourself as a remote service provider, and that you’re officially open for business

You may not realize it, but right now you already have at least ONE skill that can be translated into a service you can get paid for!

That’s right, you totally do, and in the VA Foundations course we walk you through exactly how to figure out what those profit skills are and how to start offering them – right away!

Yes! You can enroll today for $197 and complete your payments for the following two months (3X$197, monthly payments).Β 

We’re putting EVERYTHING in our student’s hands to set you up for success – including earning your investment back ASAP.

All YOU have to do is dig in and follow the plan we’ve laid out for you! If you’ve followed our plan and haven’t made your money back, feel free to cash in our LIFETIME money-back guarantee.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do before requesting a refund:

βœ”οΈ Successfully complete our cornerstone course, VA Foundations, and receive your FBVA VA Certification

βœ”οΈ Send a minimum of 100 client pitches (including follow-ups) and submit a completed Pitch Tracker (an editable tracking spreadsheet found within VA Foundations and included in your membership)

We’ll ask you to provide evidence that you’ve done all these things before you request your money back.

We can’t do the work for you, but we’ll support you all the way and give you every opportunity to succeed!

Awesome – we appreciate you purchasing from us in the past!

You’ll still have lifetime access to your previous purchases under the Memberpress platform (i.e. you can log in as you always have), regardless.

We’d love for you to join us over here too – it’s completely optional, however, and dependent on the goals that you have for your VA business.

As your business grows, we’d love to continue to support you, and we’ve developed FBVA to help you book clients, build confidence, and refine your skills as you work toward growing your income and hitting your goals.


What would it mean for your income, your happiness and your quality of life if you could become a Fully Booked VA in the next 90 days?

For our students, it looks like β†’

None of them believed it was possible until they did it.

With FBVA, so can you.

Tara Bosler

"I just wanted to say thank you – I started my freelance writing business this past summer and you were my first inspiration. I am now working on leveling up and am taking my business full-time. I'm leaving my teaching job and will be working from home (sweatpants forever!). I am now a mompreneur copywriter and couldn't be happier!"

Tyler Philbrook

"Since I joined and made some changes in how I do business, I've increased my monthly income and received a HUGE project from one of my clients. I have to actually stop looking for more work because I can't take on anymore until these projects are complete. I didn't think I would make this much money in a month for a year but I'm already there!

Perfection is not invited to this party…

It all starts with being willing
to just begin.


First VA Job: 5 days from joining
Location: Works remotely from Kansas (USA)
Average Monthly Income: $500/month (#33/hr)

“It’s really hard to be a mom to a kid who has medical needs and work a traditional full time job. I didn’t want to work for somebody who dictated everything to me. I want to choose my clients. I want to choose the work I do.

I want advice from someone who has done it, in a community of people who are going through the same thing. I was looking for skills training to fill in any gaps, and access to leads and ways to find clients who were specifically looking for VA services. Fully Booked VA offered all of this to me in one place.

I joined Fully Booked VA and completed the VA Foundations course in 4 days. That night, I logged into FBVA Leads job board, sent my first pitch, and landed my first client the next day.

I didn’t even have a contract ready, but FBVA had everything I needed to onboard the client, prepare a contract and ask the right questions from the start. In just 3 weeks, I’m working with my first client and already in talks with another.

FBVA gave me the confidence to talk to clients, knowing that I could do a good job and figure it out along the way. You don’t have to know every aspect of a job 100% to sell yourself and get started.”

Melinda Kasper

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“If you want to work from home or you’re miserable in your current job… you can do so much better.”

“I’m a mom of four kiddos and I’ve always wanted to work from home, but it’s something that I thought would never happen for me. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make enough money to replace my day job, especially when there’s not that many options in the small town I live in.

I’ve worked part time as a VA before, but only as an employee, so I’ve never had to pitch a client or take care of my own marketing. I signed up for FBVA to sharpen my skills and hopefully land a couple of good, solid clients when the timing is right. Thankfully the program covers that in depth!

I’ve been a student of Fully Booked VA since 2017 and I’ve always trusted Gina to deliver on what she promises. She’s who I go to when I want to keep my skills relevant so I can provide the best services for my clients.

So many of my friends tell me they’re miserable or hate their jobs. They’re smart and skilled and I just want them to know this is an option for them. You can do so much better!

I cannot describe what a blessing it is to be able to stay home with my kids (especially during the pandemic). And the freedom? You can’t put a price on it.”

Brooke Andrews

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On average, it takes just 1-2 clients to completely recoup your investment in VA Foundations. And we’re committed to helping you make it happen.

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