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Learn everything you need to know to get paid for helping realtors manage their businesses

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and who needs one?

YOU: A flair for customer service, awesome organizational skills, an interest in real estate and a desire to work from home

Real Estate Agents: Overwhelmed with closing deals, lead generation, social media management, organizing their calendar and in need of support like yesterday

It’s a perfect match!

It’s time to start putting skills you already have to use to build a killer business! Yes, YOU! If you have a unique ability to help others, an eye for detail and love working as part of a team, then there are realtors who DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP.

By becoming a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you’ll get:

Is real estate the right niche for YOU?

Great question! Are you:

We see you nodding your head while you’re reading along…

And we wrote this course with YOU in mind.

Because you’re already awesome and through your work as a real estate virtual assistant, lives will be changed for the better – including yours and your family’s.

That is, if you can figure out how to share your skills with the world…

If you love the idea of being a real estate virtual assistant, but worry about:

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We offer a unique perspective as the course was created by a licensed real estate agent and his virtual assistant.
Diana Sweeney

Real Estate VA

Dan Frank

Licensed Realtor

What’s this course all about?

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant course teaches you what real estate agents are looking for and how to best serve the needs of their businesses.

This material is designed to give you confidence in yourself as a real estate VA so you can get out there and start earning income right away

With actionable information and steps, we’ll cover things like:

  • How to find great-fit clients and what to charge
  • The different ways you can support real estate agents
  • Using social media for your clients and your own business
  • Essential real estate terminology
  • New listing coordination
  • Client communication
  • And more! 

What this course isn’t...

This isn’t a tech-heavy course or a step-by-step guide on how to perform services for ALL agents. It also does not qualify as “licensing.”

Each agent has a knack for how they like to manage transactions, compose emails, handle marketing, etc.

Therefore it’s crucial to be flexible and adapt your services to fit the needs of each agent. Once you develop a working relationship, you’ll get into a rhythm and things will flow naturally.

Remember, you’re already amazing – we’re just helping you to put a framework to the process, get your name out there and start earning income!

Can I really make a living as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

What could be better than hearing a personal story about how an actual real estate VA (and co-creator of this course!), Diana transitioned from registered nurse to stay-at-home mom and real estate virtual assistant?…

Hi, I’m Diana.

I was lucky in that I’ve always had a passion for real estate. (If you haven’t/don’t, know that it’s not a prerequisite.)

To tell you the truth, I had no idea real estate virtual assistants even existed! I always thought a career like this required being in the office with the typical 9am-5pm hours.

Boy was I wrong!

I now have a flexible schedule that allows me to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life —  my work compliments my lifestyle, instead of getting in the way.

While I started out managing social media for a single agent, I quickly transitioned to learning new skills like transaction coordinating, listing coordinating and how to develop email campaigns. Better yet, I’m even pursuing my real estate license!

Becoming a real estate VA has been an incredible experience and I’m passionate about helping other VAs take advantage of this largely untapped opportunity.

Worksheets & Checklists

Questions & Answers

Great question! If you haven’t worked successfully as a VA in the past, then we suggest starting with our flagship course on the topic, VA Foundations.

VAF will help you to lay the foundation for a successful VA business, allowing you to hit the ground running while learning and offering this new service.

In essence, VAF teaches you how to start a VA biz from scratch and Real Estate for VAs teaches you a specific skill you can offer licensed real estate agents so you can level up your services and income.

The current rate for real estate VAs is between $20-$30 per hour plus bonuses, so it could take you just a couple day’s work to earn back your investment!

It will almost certainly be from landing your first VA gig.

Realtors are business owners just like you. They get paid based upon their level of productivity and their ability to help their clients buy or sell their homes.

But with so many different aspects to running a successful real estate business, it’s easy for a busy real estate agent to become overwhelmed — the end result of which is attracting fewer listings, closing fewer deals and having less satisfied clients. And let’s forget about the all-important work/life balance.

As a real estate VA you can help your clients run a more efficient and successful business. Managing social media, keeping up with email, transaction management, listing preparation, lead generation and more — these are just a few of the tasks you can assist with.

And with you keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes, the agent is able to spend time keeping clients happy and closing deals. Win/win/win!

This course wasn’t created based on theory. Here’s a bit about the course’s co-creators, Dan and Diana…

Dan is a successful real estate agent who is focussed on growing his business. He reached a point where it became clear that he needed help to juggle the increasing workload. As a result, he has great insight when it comes to explaining what services you need to focus on and how you can maximize the value you’re providing to your clients.

Diana is an established real estate VA who knows exactly how to go about building a successful business in this niche. She works closely with Dan to help manage his email, social media, marketing and real estate transactions.

All of our skills courses contain proprietary and skill specific information. Refunds are not available and all sales are final.

Real Estate for Virtual Assistants

$ 297
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course material
  • 24+ lessons with insight from both a licensed realtor and his current REVA (with video AND text content)
  • Actionable homework and worksheets to help you build your business
  • Suggested rates and pricing structures
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Real workflows to support clients
  • Email templates

Not sure which services to offer as a Virtual Assistant?

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