Ready to earn income from home using your organizational and people skills?

What is a Project Management Virtual Assistant and who needs one?

YOU: Mad organizational skills

Business Owners: Stressed out over their project backlog

It’s a match made in heaven!

It’s time to start using what you’ve been naturally blessed with for the good of others…

Yes, YOU over there with the color-coded calendar full of kids’ activities, meal plans for the next 12+ months and whose 2023 family dental exams are already pre-scheduled.

By becoming a Virtual Project Manager, you’ll finally get:​

Is Project Management right for YOU?

Great question! Are you:
"I LOVE the course! I've gone all of the way through already and will be starting over to implement it, as well as watching all of the videos again. It's a very hands on course with a lot of info, but it's expressed succinctly."
Alice Johnston
Virtual Assistant
We see you nodding your head while you’re reading along.

And we wrote this course with YOU in mind.

Because you’re already awesome and through your work as a project management virtual assistant, lives will be changed for the better.

That is, if you can figure out how to share your skills with the world…

If you love the idea of being a virtual project manager, but worry about:

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What’s this course all about?

Project Management for VAs is a short course that packs a BIG punch.

Let’s face it, there are TONS of project management certifications and designations that exist. Throw in the various specialties and focuses available… most will take you years to earn!

Knowing that your list of options is long, we’ve made our focus with Project Management for Virtual Assistants really simple: To help you take action as soon as possible.

It’s what makes us stand out among the noise. 📢

We don’t want you to get started after 6 months (or years!) of studying or thinking about what project management could look like.

Nope. We want you to get started NOW!

No need to over-complicate things. Basically offering project management is as easy as taking your natural knack for organization, pairing it with our structure and support and starting to deliver results to your clients.

What this course isn’t...

This isn’t a tech-heavy course.

There aren’t a million new acronyms or a bunch of fancy jargon to learn. Nor is there room for self-important frameworks.

Project Management for Virtual Assistants is simply about finding a great solution for your client’s challenges and delivering on it.


This is the course to take if you want to learn how to develop (or enhance) your own project management skill set into a service you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.

Project Management for VAs covers project management basics, helps you position your skills accordingly, talk about your services and gives you the tools you need to walk a client from project idea to completion.

Remember, you’re already amazing – we’re just helping you put a framework to the process, get your name out there and start making a difference (and a great income)!

Can I really make a living as a Project Management Virtual Assistant?

You can check out the official story here. But the cliff notes version is:

Before my (Hailey’s) time as a PMVA, I was in Corporate HR for a mid-sized consulting company. Although I learned a TON there about communication and professional etiquette, I received no formal training on managing projects.

I left my job in 2015, after having my son. I had quickly grown tired of sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, regardless of how much work I actually needed to do.

I stayed home for a while and realized that while I didn’t miss my J-O-B, I did miss making larger visions come to fruition.

It was through Fully Booked VA’s signature online course, VA Foundations (formerly known as 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success)  that I realized managing projects is what I was best at and ran with it as my core VA servicing offering. After the first 12 months in business, I’d grossed just over $39,000 by myself, working about 25 hours a week for clients (or roughly $3,250 per month).

Not too shabby, right?

Then I built a small team!

I worked 25 client hours per week and my partner-in-crime (a VA to a VA, ha!) worked around 14 hours per week. On average, together we generated $4,785 a month with project management as our core offering.

We’re on track to double what I made last year, which is pretty darn awesome!

I don’t share any of this to brag. To some this is HUGE, to others this is nothing.

But it’s meant a lot to my family.

  • It’s given me the means to completely support them during the winter months (my hubby’s a carpenter, so winters are SLOOOOWWW).
  • It’s given me the chance to gift our family with great trips each year (Canada in 2017 and Scotland in 2018).
  • It’s allowed me to be with my son most days of the week and participate in the fun activities our church and community host that I used to miss out on while working eight hours at the office.

Basically this has been a total game changer for our family.

If you’re like me and have skills to bring to the marketplace, but could use some help and support getting yourself out there, Project Management for Virtual Assistants is a great chance to get the ball rolling quickly and make it happen!

"I love it too – it's so easy to follow and I'm learning a TON (just started this past Monday)!"
Zain Gaziani
Virtual Assistant

Project Management for Virtual Assistants

$ 297
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course material (available 24/7!)
  • 18+ project management lessons (video and text!)
  • Glossary of project terms (sound like you know what you're talking about!)
  • Actionable homework for each lesson (implement what you're learning ASAP!)
  • BONUS: Client case study walkthrough
You’ll walk away knowing:
And, with printable homework for each lesson, you’ll also… Write your first project brief, create a project planning document and a communication schedule, know how to manage client expectations and complete targeted business-context written communication.

Questions & Answers

Great question! If you haven’t worked successfully as a VA in the past, then we suggest starting with our flagship course on the topic, VA Foundations.

VAF will help you to lay a rock-solid foundation for a successful VA business, allowing you to hit the ground running when learning and offering this new service.

So in essence, VAF teaches you how to start a VA biz from scratch and Project Management for VAs teaches you a specific skill you can offer to clients and level up your income.

The current rate virtual/contract project managers charge is between $50-$1100 a DAY, so it could take you less than a week of project work to earn back your investment!

It will almost certainly be from landing your first PM gig.

Since a virtual PM is a contractor, the interview process is much shorter, costing fewer people less time. For organizations who spend a considerable amount of time and energy vetting prospective employees, this adds up to a significant amount!

Bringing on a virtual PM overall costs fewer resources – there’s no need to find a mentor within the organization, supply benefits like health insurance, continued education, vacation time, a physical office space, etc.

A major concern for hiring in house is mapping out what that person will do past the initial need. I.e. Project management roles aren’t directly tied to revenue and can be hard to justify.

There’s an end date to the the project, so there’s no need to fret about what that person will do once it’s done!

In many cases (but certainly not all!), a virtual PM brings more adaptability and problem solving to the table than someone with the same experience who’s learning these skills at only one organization. This is simply due to the the variety of experience virtual PMs are exposed to ongoing and likely at the same time (when they have different clients at various organizations).

Since all of work is done virtually, virtual PMs are masters of messaging and don’t waste time on asynchronous communication (email, Slack, Google Doc comments or anything that doesn’t warrant an immediate response).

PMVAs are generally good writers, proficient in communication technology and know how and when to use each. That aptitude means they save more time and attention, calling for fewer meetings – A WIN FOR EVERYONE!

Don’t just take our word for it – here are a few REAL testimonials from REAL clients of ours:

“I spend 1 hour of time and Hailey [as a PM] helps me get 3 hours of impact from it. I spend more time on the things only I [as the CEO] can do.” ~David Vinca, CEO of EdTech Company

“We trusted Hailey to help us navigate the business challenges we faced and she came through big time. It’s a relief to have someone you can trust sorting out the operations of your business.” ~Chris Beard, Owner of Fitness Start Up

“Hailey! How much time did you spend on creating this demo documentation? It is beyond what I imagined and I want to make sure you’re paid for it. It is very thorough, and you will save me a lot of time in the future. Thank you so much!” ~Sarah Holmquist, Founder/Owner of Coffee Roastery

Or in other words, project management work really makes a difference – not only for the business, but also for the individuals behind these businesses!

After completing Gina’s signature course, I was able to book a significant project and shared my excitement with her!

After that taste of success, I started learning everything I could about honing my skills and going deeper into the online business world. I took advantage of every coaching call and feedback opportunity Gina offered over the last year, so Fully Booked VA was a huge part of that growth!

She even let me share a case study of my experience on the blog.

Over time, Gina and I grew to know each other on a more personal level and decided to partner on this course to teach others how to learn a new skill they could offer virtually.

All of our skills courses contain proprietary and skill specific information. Refunds are not available and all sales are final.

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