Finally, a step-by-step system that teaches you how to become a podcast producer and land your own clients in 90 days or less!

We polled 2,562 aspiring Podcast Producers and the overwhelming response was the same…

They were unsure how to GET started, FIND prospects and TURN them into recurring clients (aka consistent revenue).

Good News!

Podcast Production School was designed for folks just like this.

Folks just like YOU!

Our 90-day blueprint will help you systematically land new clients and deliver quality work so that you can earn a dependable income as a Podcast Producer. 

How? By mastering the skills + strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses.

Hey there!

We’re Hailey, Mel & Gina!
Together we created Podcast Production School.

We’re also big #DataNerds – when we polled our students before they started, this is what we learned:​
They struggled with confidence, time management and self-discipline. You know, before they came to us, that is!

They were also...

Sound familiar?

No problem! We get that these seem like big mountains to climb.

But once our students figured it out? They were THRIVING!

Still not convinced?

Here’s what our students have been able to do: 

And like our students, you can…

✔️ Launch your business.

✔️ Build your confidence.

✔️ Land your first clients!

Better yet? This is ONLY the beginning!

A quick message from Gina, Mel & Hailey:


Podcast Production School helps you master the skills + strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses. 

"This sounds cool, but what is a Podcast Producer and who needs one?"

A freelance Podcast Producer is someone who offers technical, administrative and/or marketing support to podcast owners remotely.

There are already over 2,000,000 live podcasts to-date. Because of the many benefits businesses and brands get from podcasting, those numbers keep rising!

Folks who already have shows most often need someone else to manage things. And there are tons more businesses and brands that aren’t currently using audio but really want to be. In either scenario a Podcast Producer can help – they can step in and take over, improve a client’s existing show or help them to start a new one from scratch.

And we’re here to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to produce podcasts for those business owners.

So what’s the plan?

From our experience, it takes about 90 days to ramp up your podcast production business, even if you’re starting from scratch! 

And our 90-day blueprint will help you to systematically land new clients and deliver quality work so that you can earn a dependable income.

What the 90-Day Blueprint looks like...

Days 0-30: Complete the Podcast Production School Coursework

  • This program is designed to take you from an absolute beginner to running a fully operational podcast production business. If you do one section a day, it will take about 30 days to complete.
  • We’ll cover everything from how to set up all the essential podcast tech and equipment, the different roles and responsibilities involved in podcast production, the pre and post services freelancers can offer, tips and tricks for growing podcasts, finding and vetting new clients, getting your business off the ground and so much more!

Days 31-60: Make 100 Offers to Prospects (i.e. send 100 pitches)

  • This might sound daunting but by the time you get to this stage, you’ll have every single thing you need (including templates that tell you exactly how to pitch and what to say) to send your first 100 pitches. This is a rite of passage for successful freelance businesses and we support you all the way through! If you send 5 pitches a day (Monday-Friday) you’ll complete those 100 pitches within just 30 days.

Days 61-90: Gain Practical Production Experience

  • At this point, you should be onboarding your first client (yay!). Regardless, this is a perfect time to gain some “in the wild” experience by putting what you’ve learned into practice. How? You’ll learn how to launch your own audio series so you can get practical experience and a few great pieces to add to your portfolio to make landing clients even easier! 
When you become a Podcast Producer, you’ll…
Here’s what we’ll cover in the course:

20+ Templates & Checklists


Bonus #1 ($500 value!)

26 Podcast Growth Hacks Training from Joe Fier of Hustle & Flowchart

Bonus #2 ($250 value!)

Client Contract
Cover your legal bases when onboarding a new client with our customizable service agreement template that includes:

Bonus #3 ($1,000 value!)

A Pre-Recorded 2-Day Workshop!

You’ll walk away with:​
Wanna give your new business a boost? Dig into any of our previous PPS: Live! sessions. These 2-day intensives will walk you through how to build a baseline for almost all of the skills we cover in Podcast Production School.

Our Money-Back Guarantee:

Our goal is for you to make a profit in your business super-fast!

If you don’t earn back your original investment of $500 within 90 days (by completing the course material + the 100 Pitch Challenge as prescribed), we’re happy to issue a 100% refund.

"PPS provides you with in-depth training and tools so that you feel ready to start a business. Less than 30 days into the course, I was encouraged to pitch clients and I landed my first position!

I was scared to start this journey but with the amazing support from the PPS team, I've now launched my business! If you're interested in becoming a Podcast Producer, look no further than Podcast Production School. Thank you so much – I couldn't have done this without your guidance and encouragement!"
Alexis Newlin
Podcast Producer
Is becoming a Podcast Producer right for YOU?
Launch your Podcast Production biz TODAY and get access to ALL future course updates and upgrades for FREE!


$ 500
Single Payment (payment plans available)
  • 12 Self-Paced Modules Containing 80+ Individual Lessons
  • 20+ Customizable Turn-Key Templates
  • Audacity, Libsyn & WordPress Step-by-Step Tech Training
  • BONUS #1: Podcast Marketing Training from Joe Fier of Hustle & Flowchart ($500 value!)
  • BONUS #2: Customizable Client Contract Template ($250 value!)
  • BONUS #3: PPS: Live! A Pre-Recorded 2-Day Workshop ($1,000 value!)
  • Lifetime Access to the Program with FREE, Ongoing Updates (PRICELESS!)
"The course and community are great – I continue to confidently pitch podcast clients that I learn about here and have been talking to more of my current clients about starting a podcast too!"
Michelle Wells
Podcast Producer

What could this look like in your business? You could offer...​

  • Audio editing and show note creation to your clients at $500/month. You’d only need 5 clients to earn $2,500 a month. Land 10 to create $5,000 in income each month!
  • Provide 3 clients with audio editing and guest management at $350/month for their bi-monthly shows, and make a total monthly revenue $1,050/month.
  • Or offer full-service podcast production for 4 clients at $750/month, making your total monthly revenue $3,000!

How? It's your business and you can design it however you
want to based on your personal and professional goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question!

Podcast Production School is designed for both those who want to start and build out a podcast production business, offering podcast-specific skills to small business owners and for small business owners looking to launch and grow a podcast for their own businesses.

To start getting clients, all you’ll need is:

–> Your Podcast Production School course enrollment – $500
–> Community membership – $0 for first 90 days ($180 biannually or $300 annually thereafter)
–> Audacity (editing software) – $0 (it’s FREE open-source software!)
–> Over-the-ear headphones – $15+ (you can get a decent pair for cheap!)
–> PayPal biz account (to get paid) – $0 (FREE!)

You’re looking at an “all-in” cost of just over $500, INCLUDING your program investment.

In Podcast Production School, we’ll walk you through all of the possible tools and platforms you can use in your business (including suggestions for those headphones!).

But to be clear, most of them are free (or have a free trial). All other purchases are 100% up to you and your client. Your clients will either have a lot of these tools already in place or look to you to set them up with their credit card (not yours!).

Well, you have to learn how to do the actual podcast production services you want to offer. You should also like the podcasting medium and be growth-minded.

Operating a podcast production biz also means you’re self-employed, so finding and pitching clients should be high on your priority list.

Great question – Podcast Producers can help with a ton! From audio engineering to content repurposing and marketing to guest management, there are a lot of different services to offer in this space.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to master or offer them all – you can cherry-pick what services you enjoy doing and offer only those to your clients if you want.

As far as how much money producers typically make, you have to consider factors like, amount of experience, level of expertise, services offered, the level of client they’re looking to work with, etc.

Most Podcast Producers easily average $30 to $50 per hour (or more!) over time.

Our goal is to help students develop a side hustle that earns them an additional $1,000+ per month at the bare minimum. Some students decide to take it much further than that – earning six-figures as a full-time Producer isn’t out of the realm of possibility!

You bet! Of course, it depends on the individual – how much time they have to devote to learning, etc.

Most students make their way through the material in a month or less. Our 90-day blueprint is designed so that you not only learn, but land at least your first client and hone your skills in the first 3 months of your journey!

Nope! You’ll learn all of the skills needed to take over an existing show or help create a client’s brand new podcast from scratch, regardless if you have a podcast of your own or not.

Of course! All it really takes to do work as a Podcast Producer is to have access to a computer, over-the-ear headphones and a reliable internet connection.

Our students can work with clients in their local community, home country or worldwide. We’ve entered into a global economy and the internet has made it possible for Producers and clients to work together regardless of their location!

> 12 self-paced modules containing 80+ lessons
> 20+ customizable turn-key templates for you to plug-and-play
> Audacity, Libsyn & WordPress step-by-step tech training tutorials
> Lifetime access to the program and complimentary updates over time
> Plus, $1,800 of additional bonuses! 

A few years ago, Hailey emailed Mel asking for help with podcast production. They set up a call and chatted for about an hour on Hailey’s vision for her new show. And just like that, the One Year Later podcast was born!

They continued working together on her podcast and other projects that came along over the years. 

Gina and Hailey had already worked together on another digital course (Project Management for Virtual Assistants), so when the topic of another program about becoming a Podcast Producer came up, Hailey jumped at the chance to work together again.

Hailey mentioned what an amazing addition/asset Mel would be to the budding opportunity and in late 2019, Podcast Production School was born! The rest as they say, is herstory!

Kind of… it’s less of a refund policy and more of a money-back guarantee!

Why? Our baseline goal is for you to make 2x your investment back (or at least $1,000) within 90 days. That means landing at least one, $500/month client and booking just 2 months worth of work with them. If for any reason you don’t land a client 90 days after you’ve completed the course material and the 100 Pitch Challenge as prescribed, we’re happy to issue a 100% refund. 

Investing in yourself is an important decision – if you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself, change your current circumstances and put in the work, you’ll get results! x2

"I just completed the Podcast Production School course and I loved it! The course covered all aspects of starting, editing, and producing a successful podcast. I’m excited to start helping people with their podcasts and learning even more, while serving my clients in this growing medium."
Christine Wlazlowski
Podcast Producer
"I've been looking into offering services online for a long time. I'm so glad I signed up for this course and the community! In fact I just signed my first client from a lead that was provided in the community. Supporting other podcasts with the skills I have now is perfect for me. Super stoked to continue on this journey!"
Bretagne Hatle
Podcast Producer


$ 500
Single Payment (payment plans available)
  • 12 Self-Paced Modules Containing 80+ Individual Lessons
  • 20+ Customizable Turn-Key Templates
  • Audacity, Libsyn & WordPress Step-by-Step Tech Training
  • BONUS #1: Podcast Marketing Training from Joe Fier of Hustle & Flowchart ($500 value!)
  • BONUS #2: Customizable Client Contract Template ($250 value!)
  • BONUS #3: PPS: Live! A Pre-Recorded 2-Day Workshop ($1,000 value!)
  • Lifetime Access to the Program with FREE, Ongoing Updates (PRICELESS!)

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