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How I Transitioned from Employee to Entrepreneur

Adam Davis is one of the many aspiring writers to go through 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success and then make a career change and go from an employee to an entrepreneur. He had been working in law enforcement for years before he decided to take the leap into freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Although Adam started with freelance writing, he’s since added website design and promotional strategy to the services he offers. And he’s here today to tell us how he did it (plus share a few lessons he learned along the way).

Take it away, Adam!

I revised this article a dozen times because I wanted it to be perfect.

Hello, my name is Adam Davis, and I am a recovering perfectionist. This is the main reason why I found it difficult to understand how I could create a lifestyle apart from the traditional method of employment, also known as a job.

My Story

About six years ago I began my career as a law enforcement officer. At the time, it was what I wanted to do. More importantly, it was all I could do. I had been laid off from a job as a manager about six months prior to starting my position as a law enforcement officer, and my wife had recently given birth to our third child.

I was in a panic, but relieved to have an income from my law enforcement job.

In fact, if I knew then what I know now (the knowledge I learned from Gina’s course), I would have created my own business at that time. But that’s in the past.

Several months ago, I came across 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. I took the dive and invested in the course.

It. Was. Life. Changing.

There is no other way to put it.

You see, it did not create an instant stream of income for me as a freelance writer, but it pushed me to see beyond the “norm” and discover other ways to provide for my family.

On Freelance Writing

I had discounted my skills, my talents, and abilities until this point. Then, I realized something: the services I could provide were services people and businesses were willing to pay for.

I needed to have multiple streams of income pouring into our household in order to create a sustainable source of income for my family. Enter freelance writing.

Freelance writing for me, has come from local sources who know my ability and need my services. I have been paid to write.

That is amazing, in my mind. There was no way, absolutely no way, I would have seen this opportunity nearly seven years ago. However, the freelance writing portion was just one piece of the puzzle for my income stream.

On Diversified Income Sources

I set an income goal that was somewhat unrealistic. In my mind, once I’d hit that “magic” number, I would resign from my position as a law enforcement officer and focus full-time on my new entrepreneurial business. Through demand, I realized I had another source of income: Website design.

People would come to me and ask, “How much would you charge to design a website for me?”

Having no clue how to respond, I would tell them some ridiculously low figure, and they jumped at the chance to pay me. Slowly, I increased my prices as the demand continued to increase.

Eventually, I was overwhelmed with work.

On Turning in My Notice

Recently, I turned in my resignation notice, and I am now a full-time entrepreneur (You can read more about it here.) I provide a wide-array of services that have, in return, provided a source of income for my family.

If leaving your “9-to-5” is the goal you have in place, I would like to warn you: Not everyone will celebrate your decision. In fact, most of the people who will question your sanity will be your closest friends and family.

But remember, it is your call. It is your life. This is your opportunity.

You have to make the decision, and get to live with the consequences (good or bad), so don’t let anyone influence you.

On Overcoming Obstacles

After turning in my notice and planning my departure, I had a client tell me he could not afford my services. This threw my stomach into knots, and I felt cold and clammy all over. I immediately questioned my decision to leave a “secure” job.

However, then another call came in.

And then it was two. Then four calls.

Eventually, I found myself asking my wife to help manage the administrative side of things, so I could focus on my clients. Life has a way of dealing reassurance to us when we take the right steps along the way. Through learning certain skills as a law enforcement officer, I was able to regain my composure after my client told me he could not afford my services and keep pushing forward.

On the Reality of Being an Entrepreneur

There will never be a perfect time for you take the leap.

For me, it came down to a matter of risk versus reward. Problems will arise, and you will be tempted to leap into panic mode.

But, here’s the reality of being a full-time entrepreneur: It is possible if you work strategically.

You can do it, and it will be the best move you ever make if you do it the right way. I gave my employer ample notice, communicated with my spouse and had a plan.

I have not made six figures yet, but I can tell you this: If demand continues, it will not be long until I do reach that number.

Having a solid foundation for transitioning from traditional full-time employment to life as a full-time freelancer is critical, and this is where Gina’s course came into play.

Do you have a “from employee to entrepreneur” story to share?

How I went from Employee to Entrepreneur

Adam Davis is a full-time entrepreneur, writer, speaker, website designer, and coach. Adam is a contributor for The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and other major publications. Adam is the CEO and Founder of Enlivify Total Solutions. He and his family reside in Alabama. Adam is happily married to his wife, Amber, of 15 years, and is the proud father of three children. You can find out more information about Adam’s services on his website at www.adamdavis.co.

Photo credit: Olu Eletu for Unsplash.com

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