Let’s face it, you need a decent writer to spice up your website copy or create epic content.

Don’t worry, we got you!

We write killer blog posts, newsletters and copy aimed to:
  • Improve your website traffic
  • Boost conversion rates -and-
  • Increase your bottom line

We know what type of content is highly shareable and deeply engaging.

Plus, we have extensive experience in personal finance, the construction industry, freelancing and entrepreneurship. Check it out below!

Lastly, we understand how important deadlines are – we promise to deliver on timeand promptly respond to any email requests.

Copywriting (Gina)

Copywriting is Gina’s absolute favorite type of writing to do!

As a website owner, it’s your job to welcome new readers, take them by the hand and guide them through your site, step-by-step. Turns out, if visitors don’t know what to do, they’ll bounce faster than your exit-intent popup will appear!

Gina’s critiqued hundreds of websites, helping small business owners increase their odds of getting hired, converting visitors into leads and leads into buyers. And she’d love to help you do the same!

Check out This Kickstarter Campaign for Example

Psst… It was fully funded in less than a week thanks in part to Gina’s copywriting skills (she also wrote their press release). And the campaign went on to raise 5x its original goal (almost $100k)!

Personal Finance (Gina)

With almost a decade of experience as a licensed and practicing financial services professional, Gina understands the industry – from both the client and the advisor’s perspective.

Gina’s well versed in:

  • Financial planning
  • Saving for retirement (or just cash reserves)
  • Debt reduction
  • Insurance -and-
  • Investments

Teaching financial literacy to kids is also her jam!

She’s not going to lie, her very favorite area of personal finance is behavioral financeWhy do we do what we do when it comes to our money?

View Gina’s Personal Finance Portfolio

Home Construction and Repair (Wade)

Wade has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

In addition to being able to build a new home from the basement up, he also spent almost a decade being the liaison between contractors and homeowners trying to rebuild in the event of a tragedy like a house fire.

Read Wade’s Writing on Tiny, Mighty, Free

Freelancing and Entrepreneurship (Gina)

Being a fellow small business owner, freelancer, webpreneur… whatever you want to call it for almost a decade has taught Gina a lot about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur (especially in online business).

She has also written hundreds of articles and even published a book on the subject. Oh yeah, and don’t forget she has the professional experience as a financial advisor to back it up!

Check out Gina’s Book, Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Rates start at $.30/word.

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