Become an expert at inbox management, help your clients achieve inbox zero and get paid for your skills!

What Is Email Management and Who Needs This Service?

Business Owner: Out-of-control inbox, overwhelmed and doesn’t have enough hours in the day.

YOU: Email wiz, inbox zero fanatic and rockstar organizer.

Problem + solution = match made in heaven!

It’s time to start using what you’ve been naturally blessed with for the good of others!

By offering email management as a service you can:

Is email management right for ME?

Great question! Are you:

We see you nodding your head while you’re reading along…

And we wrote this course with YOU in mind.

Because you’re already awesome and through your work as an email management VA, your client’s lives will be changed for the better.

That is, if you can figure out how to share your skills with the world.

If you’re reading along and you’re stoked about the idea of specializing in email management, you’re in the right place!

By enrolling in this course you will:

Sound good? We have YOU covered!

What’s this course all about?

Email Management for VAs is a short course that teaches you how to offer an in-demand and high-value skill.

We all know the dangers of an inbox that is out of control. Feelings of overwhelm, poor communication, missed sales opportunities and more.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s the kind of stuff that clients say:

“When I reached out for help, I was incredibly stressed out by the ever-growing size of my inbox. Every email felt important, and I had no system in place for processing and managing messages efficiently.” ~

The FBVA team helps bring a ray of sanity to my crazy world. Bootstrapping a business is hard – wearing so many hats and working in relative isolation. The team is always there to help, learn and work together to wrangle the chaos!” ~Joel Hooks,

It sounds scary, right?

For your clients it is! But for YOU, the VA who specializes in email management, it equals OPPORTUNITY!

Your future clients are out there, waiting for your help — desperate to get their inbox under control and their lives in order.

Here’s what this course will teach you:

Can I really make a living as an email management VA?

You can read Rachel’s official story here. But the short version is:

I became a VA in 2016, 12 years after leaving the corporate world (small business banking). I felt I had talent to offer but my skills were dated.

I had a running joke, “I’d love to work from home if I could actually make a living.” One day my dad sent me a link. We were getting ready to move from Washington DC to Alaska (yes, we are in the military)!

Without even looking at the link, I filed it in a note on my phone and hoped I remembered to look at it on the very long drive across the continent. Somewhere in middle America, I did look at it. It was a link to Gina’s post about becoming a VA.

Laying in a hotel bed – in the darkness so the kids would just go to sleep – I looked at the course page for VA Foundations (formerly 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success). I fell asleep wondering what my husband would think of me spending a couple hundred bucks to buy an online course… (In hindsight, I cannot believe I even had that thought because of the ROI we’ve seen!!)

The next day while driving, I broached the subject and hubby thought it was a great idea!

Once in Alaska, I took the course while we lived in temporary lodging, waiting for our house to be ready. If the course was called “30 Days or Less,” I could finish it before we got to move into our new home!

And I did! I even had my first client before we moved in! And my second client within a month after the first.

This second client was my first email management client and the one I wrote the post about Managing Email as a Virtual Assistant. A typical scenario played out with this client… we spent a month or two getting her email cleaned up and managing the new system and then I moved into a customer service role.

I quickly realized that I enjoyed both aspects of the job and began searching for other email management clients. Soon I had another email management client, and then another.

Then one day, I received an email from an unknown person. Turns out she had turned to good ol’ Google in a panic about her email and the post I wrote for Fully Booked VA came up. We got on a video call together and she hired me on the spot!

I have always loved helping small business owners. Way back when, a fire started burning in my heart as I helped business owners while working in our town’s small business bank. Now I’m able to use my passion to help them in a more direct way.

I currently focus on working with email management/customer service clients. I am making more money as a stay-at-home mom/virtual assistant than I could have ever dreamed about!

I can’t see a future without my business in it. It’s given me a sense of purpose outside of our family which has made me more available for quality time with them.

It’s made it possible for me to remain home during the day as a support to my husband and children…

It’s given me the freedom to attend my children’s activities and be around to get to know their friends…

It has allowed us to update our home and take trips with our kids. All things that would have taken a lot longer to accomplish if not for my business. #grateful

Email Management for Virtual Assistants

$ 297
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course material 24/7
  • 30+ Email management lessons (including lots of step-by-step tutorials!)
  • Actionable homework to help you hone your skills!
  • Suggested rates and packages to take the guesswork out of how much to charge!

Questions & Answers

Great question! If you haven’t worked successfully as a VA in the past, then we suggest starting with our flagship course on the topic, VA Foundations.

VA Foundations will help you to lay the foundation for a successful VA business, allowing you to hit the ground running when learning and offering this new service.

So in essence, VAF teaches you how to start a VA biz from scratch and Email Management for VAs teaches you a specific skill you can offer to clients.

When specializing in email management, you can charge hourly or create monthly packages. The most basic package we recommend is $495 for 14 hours of inbox management. That works out to just over $35/hour.

You should almost certainly earn back your investment and more from landing your first email management gig.!

While this might not be a “typical client,” there are plenty of amazing opportunities and grateful business owners out there. Here’s a copy of a paid invoice for just one monthly inbox management client of Gina’s:

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what clients have to say:

THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help with my emails. I have not been able to relax for a very long time. You have allowed me to do that!” ~Dawn M. Christensen, Innovative Program Solutions, LLC

Working with Gina has been a breath of fresh air for my business. She’s proactive — she doesn’t just do what I say needs to be done, she finds holes in my business and figures out (and does) what needs to be done. If you’re overwhelmed, hire Gina!” ~Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing Rate

“When I reached out to Rachel for help, I was incredibly stressed out by the ever-growing size of my inbox. Every email felt important, and I had no system in place for processing and managing messages efficiently. Not only did Rachel help me get things under control, she was also friendly to work with, thoughtful, and very organized. I’m still learning how to manage my email time (not perfect yet), but I can breathe easy now that Rachel is helping me with it.” ~Claire Suellentrop,

“Gina helps bring a ray of sanity to my crazy world. Bootstrapping a business is hard – wearing so many hats and working in relative isolation. Gina is always there to help, learn and work together to wrangle the chaos!” ~Joel Hooks,

“I’ve enjoyed seeing the ruthless effectiveness that Rachel brought to take control of one of our main email inboxes. Having her onboard means we still have great customer service and we have more time to work on our business.” ~Eric,

Or in other words, email management directly impacts the productivity and mindset of business owners. It frees up both time and mental capacity so they can focus on running their business!

All of our skills courses contain proprietary and skill specific information. Refunds are not available and all sales are final.

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