Virtual Assistant Finder

So you’re looking for a kickass VA, huh?
Cool, let us help you with that!

You have needs, our VAs have sweet skillz!

Check out this list of commonly requested services that our qualified pool of virtual assistant candidates can help you with:

  • WordPress Website Management and Maintenance – updating plugins and core files, managing backups and comment moderation.
  • Content Creation – blog posts, email newsletters and website/sales copy.
  • Social Media Management – Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to name a few.
  • Email Management – to help you get to and maintain inbox zero!
  • Customer Service – via email, phone or various online support tools.
  • Blog Management – formatting posts, image creation, keyword research, editing and creating/maintaining an editorial calendar.
  • Outreach – to help you strengthen your online business and build new relationships with fellow influencers!
  • Podcast Production – Need help growing and managing your podcast? Look no further!

Here’s how our 3-step process works:

  1. Fill out our short questionnaire, so we know what you’re looking for in a VA.
  2. We’ll compile your job doc and share it with our highly qualified pool of graduates who will then get in touch with you directly to apply.
  3. You interview the cream of the crop and hire the best fit (don’t hesitate to start with a paid test task or a two-week trial).
Easy peasy, you just found yourself a kickass VA!

We know a thing or two about what makes for a great VA, but don’t just take our word for it:

I’m excited to report another success storyfrom your VA Finder service. I've been trying to replace myself for some writing work that is detailed, but certainly not impossible. My client tried to hire on her own and then we tried an agency for bloggers in her niche. The folks my client found were not great, and the experience with the agency was horrid. Anyway, I wrote a very specific lead request for your community of VAs and received three responses – two have been beyond amazing (the third wasn't quite qualified enough) and she is going to hire them both. The last month has been very stressful for both of us because we've both been worried there wasn't another “me” out there. Your service saved the day again when we were both beginning to lose hope!"
Jessica Roop
"I had a classic chicken and egg problem. I needed a really good VA, one with excellent skills that I could rely on. But I didn’t have the time to look, vet and find one. I needed a good VA to do this for me! Enter Gina – a few days after submitting my request she had matched me with two excellent candidates. I hired one and could not be happier. Thanks Gina!"
Carson McComas
"I’ve wanted to get a VA for a really long time, but the one thing holding me back was how to choose. There are so many options, but I never really felt like I trusted the big websites to set me up with a dependable, trustworthy VA. Gina’s VA service was perfect—I was presented with a small list of potential candidates who all seemed a good fit. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with the professionalism of my VA and I can’t wait to work more with them."
Ryan Neufeld
"I needed a VA to help with a product launch that was only 2 weeks away – Horkey HandBook came through and saved the day! I received multiple high quality applications and hired someone within a few days. The VA I worked with was amazing… she kept me sane during my launch, completed all tasks AHEAD of time and went above and beyond in numerous ways (including making insightful suggestions for my next launch). I can’t recommend the VA Finder enough!"
Sally Miller